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2020 Expo Presenters

Shawn Moore

MY CREATIVITY IS SACRED: Sound Bath + Meditation For Creative Shakti

MY CREATIVITY IS SACRED: Sound Bath + Meditation For Creative Shakti

We are all creative beings. However, in the day-to-day grind of life, we lose confidence in our own creative energy. Sometimes we encounter blocks, fear sharing our creative output, or fail to trust in our ideas. This event is a blend of meditation, a creative intention-setting activity, and a restorative sound experience. The healing sounds from the quartz crystal bowls, gong, and other instruments will soothe your nervous system, empower you to journey within to reconnect with your own creative voice, and release creative blockages.

Dress comfortably, for this experience, please bring things that may aid in your relaxation on the floor. Pillows, blankets, cushions, yoga mats, sleep mask, etc. All creative supplies will be provided, however, feel free to bring any of your own markers, pens, color pencils, or any other items that speaks to your creative power.

Koya Webb

Chakra Balancing Yoga + Meditation

Yoga Meets Mental-Emotional Fitness: Koya Webb takes you through flow, meditation, and chakra work all in one class.

Dianne Bondy

Bridging the Divide Yoga, Body Image and Accessibility

Empowering Your practice and Making Peace with Your Body: Discover, Explore, and Play - The Asana Research Lab

Let’s explore yoga, body image and empowerment. This session is for all levels, shapes, and sizes, as an expression of joyful movement. Working in a non-competitive environment, this practice will be brave and supportive. During this practice, you will learn how to move our bodies through a new and more attuned lens. You’ll learn how to use asana to feel more empowered to connect with and listen to our bodies. As you progress through this practice, you’ll discover your inner strength while exploring the path to self-acceptance.

Bring your questions, your ideas and your asana and let’s flow freely as we share in this inspiring practice.

Alex Kaufmann

Powered Up

All Levels Power Yoga Class

Tamika R. Caston-Miller

Ashé Sound Renewal: Soundbath Restorative + Yoga Nidra

All Levels In this workshop, participants will learn about the kleshas and their release by tapping into ancestral inheritance and stillness; after they will be guided through restorative postures with crystal bowls sound healing and Yoga Nidra.Yoga Class

Davina Davidson

Rocket Yoga

Rocket yoga is an all levels practice with the opportunity to explore how to make poses more accessible and how to uplevel your practice.

Jordan Dunn-Ridgill

Mindful Eating

A lecture/open discussion on Mindful Eating touching on various points:
Attainable ways to incorporate plant-based eating into your diet
Tips & guidelines on shopping/reading ingredient labels
Why eating food is sacred
The 'union' of eating food
Eating without multi-tasking
Plus get new recipes to work with! 

Catherine Allen, E-RYT 500, RPYT

Pranayama for Your Life

We are typically more than familiar with asana (yoga pose/postures). What about the practice of pranayama? Why is pranayama important? Pranayama translates into "breath pause" or "breath control." Of all the yoga techniques and practices, it tends to be lesser known and less understood. And yet, it is one of the most crucial aspects of a yoga practice on and off the mat. Irregular and erratic breathing contribute to stress and suffering. Pranayama is the art of regulating your breath in order to keep your energy moving, dissolve layers of stress, and soothe your whole system so that you can move forward in your life with more clarity and connection. In this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of and do an array of different pranayama exercises. By the end, you will learn how to apply pranayama techniques to your everyday life and feel the difference it makes. This workshop is open to All Levels and All Abilities. Beginners through Advanced welcome.

Saumil Manek

Soundbath Restore

Join Saumil for an unforgettable Sound bath. Adult naptime like nobodies business.

Raquel Nweze, ERYT-500

Tap into Tapas

In yoga, the term Tapas (to create heat) can mean cultivating a sense of courage to peel back the layers of physical, mental, and emotional baggage, so that we can spiritually shine. In this practice, you will have the opportunity to mindfully navigate how hot you want the fire, to tap into and your personal power, creativity, and intuition.

Jill Minard

Kemetic Yoga

Ancient Future - Meditation in Motion

Slow Flow for Healing

Introducing postures That are good for those dealing with issues like Anxiety, depression, trauma, physical injuries, and other ailments that commonly plague our Society.

Seeing God on the Mat

I will talk about the intersection between spirituality and yoga from the viewpoint of Christianity. We talk about meditation, biblical truths and myths and then go into a meditation followed by a powerful practice.

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